An Unfortunate Decision for the Rosemount Library

READ STATEMENTOctober 27, 2017. Change is coming to the Rosemount Library. But is it change for the long-term good?
On October 10, 2017, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) made an unfortunate decision. The library board rejected options to relocate or build a bigger branch and instead voted in favour of a staff plan for a $2 million renovation that will add no new space.

Library users and residents know the charming 100 year old Carnegie library building well. The library is so small and crowded that many of its users often sit on the floor. If they’re lucky, they might nab a spot at one of the few cramped working spaces. The building has 6.089 square feet. The City has failed to acquire any adjacent land for expansion, and so the library has effectively been boxed in by development on all sides.   Click here for the full statement. READ Statement:  An Unfortunate Decision for the Rosemount Library Oct 27, 2017

Rosemount’s Case for Space – in photos 

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Have a look at some other good OPL branch libraries to which Rosemount aspires.  ↓

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 Next Member Meeting

Monday, March 12,  2018
7-9 pm
LOCATION:  Hintonburg Community Centre, lower level.

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How Can I Help?

READ is a group of volunteers working to support the Rosemount Library located at 18 Rosemount in the Hintonburg are of Ottawa, just east of Parkdale St.  The library urgently requires updating and expansion to meet the needs of the community. We have traction with the library staff, the library board, and are working with all levels of government. We are now looking to engage the broader community….that means you.

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  1. Why expansion and development is needed
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