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Rosemount Library to close for renos in June 2019 | May 14, 2019

Scaled-down services will be available in a temporary spot at 1207 Wellington St. W.
CBC News – Posted May 13, 2019 –  Trevor Pritchard/CBC Ottawa
The Ottawa Public Library branch in Hintonburg is closing on Monday, June 3 to allow for renovation work that’s expected to take nearly a year. If the $2.4M project goes according to plan, the century-old branch should reopen in spring 2020 according to a news releaseissued by the City on Monday. Residents will be able to access some of the services normally offered by the branch, but on a reduced scale at 1207 Wellington St W. about a 5 minute walk west of the Rosemount branch. Otherwise the nearest branches are Main, Sunnyside, Emerald Plaza and Carlingwood.

For full article and architectural renderings of what the space will look like click here.

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READ Volunteer Deirdre Foucauld  |  March 12, 2019 | Updated April 6,2019

We are very saddened to report the death of a wonderful friend and READ Rosemount member/volunteer Deirdre Foucauld on March 9, 2019. She was taken from us much too soon. Her life was rich with many circles of friends and causes; she was always plotting to make those circles intersect. Deirdre was a valiant human being with a wonderful smile and a determined spirit, always ready to help and lead in spite of her physical difficulties. When she was in the room she was always positive and encouraging and she always left you feeling good. She usually brought treats. After meetings she always offered people lifts home and was always willing to lend a smile, encouragement and a helping hand.
As a member of READ Rosemount Deirdre was a passionate library advocate for the redevelopment of her local Rosemount Library and as a resident of Ottawa centre-town she championed the new Ottawa Central Library as a member of Bookmark the Core. She championed excellence in architectural design that supported persons with disabilities. She was an exercise and aqua-buddy to many at her beloved Plant Recreation Centre. She was a driving member of the Debra Dynes community house Soupalicious fundraiser team. She was one of the public, welcoming faces of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (Ottawa Ctte) ceremonies. She was a regular at the Good Companions Seniors Centre. An ardent and skillful arts and crafter, Deirdre rescued many friends’ knitting and crochet projects and led the BookKnit project for READ. She would invite friends to her Ottawa Smockers’ Guild annual Christmas event and in exchange she attended our choral concerts. She was also a regular volunteer with the Ottawa Touch Quilts Project and donated many beautiful quilts and knitted fiddle muffs she created herself. These were given to seniors confined to wheel chairs. She was always up for an adventure or party.
Deirdre was a remarkable woman and she will be missed by many, many friends and those she touched. She did not wish a funeral or even an obituary, preferring her passing to be “low key”. Her “groups” are reaching out to each other to plan a celebration of her life. Deirdre died from a number of ailments as well as cancer. She was 64. We wish her soul peace and quiet laughter. An event “Remembering Deirdre” will be held Friday, May 10, 2019, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Plant Recreation Centre, Preston Room, 930 Wellington West (at Preston).  All are welcome. 

For more information contact Barb Clubb @ 613-728-6831.


Ottawa’s New Central Library  |   February 8th, 2019

READ Rosemount encourages all citizens to become engaged in the design and development of Ottawa’s New Central Library to be located at 555 Albert Street on LeBreton Flats .

Engagement Process Unveiled for Ottawa’s new Central Library. Feb 8, 2019

The civic engagement process for Ottawa’s new central library facility at 555 Albert Street has begun. The process is labeled as “Inspire555 Series” . The first two engagement workshops are scheduled for: Thursday, February 28 in the Pellan Room of the Library and Archives Canada building 395 Wellington E. from 6-9 pm and Saturday, March 2 in Hall A of the Nepean Sportsplex from 9-12 pm.

To register for one of the workshops (free) Click here:

For more detailed information on the process Click here.

Stay informed and have your say. Bookmark the website dedicated to the new central library. Click here.


READ Rosemount writes to OPL Board following December consultations | January 21, 2019

Read is encouraged by the hard work undertaken by the architects VG+, the OPL Staff and Board. READ has been passionate about improving Rosemount for years and we are excited to see a glimpse of what the future holds for our favourite local branch. … The new glass feature will pull the building back from the shadows. …the architects have demonstrated their resourcefulness by improving the internal configuration to include bookable meeting/programming space, a better located children’s zone and a better flow to access holds. … However the design does not incorporate a full number of seats. Remember that the Rosemount currently fails well below comparable branches with respect to seating and workspaces. … The reopening of the revitalized Rosemount could be a great opportunity to explore new options such as expanding weekend hours or piloting the use of some self-serve elements while the branch is closed.


Rosemount Revitalization Update | for February 5th, 2019

The newly appointed Ottawa Public Library Board will be holding its first meeting on Tuesday, February 5th. At that meeting the Board will be receiving a Rosemount Branch Revitalization Report from the OPL staff following the December consultation. Here is the link to that report and some key content below.

” Following submission of Board Report Rosemount Revitalization Project Update (OPLB2018-1203) and presentation of the preliminary design to the Board in December 2018, the preliminary design was shared with the community during two days of engagement. Feedback was positive.
The final design, based on the enhanced option, will be tabled at the February 2019 Board meeting and then displayed to the public for information. In addition, the request for $400K to fund the enhanced option, will be included in the draft 2019 budget as per direction received by the Board in December 2018. …
By virtue of approving the Rosemount branch revitalization project, the Board has approved the 10-12 month closure of the branch, and no further request will follow budget adoption.
The project is targeted for construction tender in March, pending budget adoption. Construction is anticipated for spring 2019 with completion in winter 2019/2020. In order to continue services to the community during construction, OPL will operate out of a temporary location at 1207 Wellington West. The temporary location will provide a
carefully curated collection of materials in all formats, holds pick-up, book return, public computer access, Wi-Fi, and printing. Programming will be delivered in the community. The temporary location will open to the public in late spring 2019, two days after the branch closes for revitalization. …

The preliminary design was displayed for community input on December 13 and December 15, 2018, with +VG and OPL staff present to address questions and receive feedback. Close to 200 people were engaged over the two days. There was a diverse age range of participants – children, teens and adults – and many new people who were not part of the earlier consultation meetings. Staff received positive feedback on the
proposed entry, increased public space, new meeting rooms and reading nooks. “

Rosemount Revitalization Update | January 2019  by READ Rosemount

On December 13 and 15, the Ottawa Public Library held its second open house  and consultation on the revitalization of the Rosemount Library.
Click here for all the materials presented. 

This includes the results of the online survey, a summary of the public consultation discoveries during the Fall, a proposed site plan and the proposed concept design. The room was lively. Representatives from +VG Architects (project design and architecture) were on hand to explain the boards and answer questions
Rosemount Open House and Public Consultation Dec 13 and 15, 2018




What’s happening with library branch development in Canadian urban cities CLICK HERE
Photo examples


Read Rosemount, Spring 2018

READ Rosemount has said many times that Rosemount is a very busy branch. We’ve said many times that Rosemount is over crowded. And we’ve said many times that due to its size, Rosemount cannot provide the same great services available in other comparable OPL branches. Our volunteers have worked tirelessly to document the case for an expanded Rosemount branch primarily using the OPL’s own data.
Now that data is available in a convenient and easy to read document.
Take a look at how Rosemount compares to six other branches serving similarly sized populations. We think that you will agree that our community deserves an expanded Rosemount branch library.
Josh Nutt, Chair READ Rosemount

Click here for  Resources   where you will find detailed Rosemount Comparative Stats. 


Have a look at some other great OPL branch libraries to which Rosemount aspires.  ↓

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