Orléans Branch Gets Retrofit

Oct 29, 2015  The Orléans Branch of the OPL has recently received a two-stage retrofit with RFID (self-check) technology and a new service desk. The Orléans branch is the home to many popular bilingual children’s programs. The branch features a quiet study area and a large French-language collection. The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library run a second-hand book-store, Encore.

A little history: in 1958, M. and Mme Bériault founded a volunteer library in St. Joseph’s School. In 1967 the library moved to the Gauthier Building at 2744 St. Joseph Blvd and in 1982 moved again to the Orléans Recreation Complex and named the Bériault Branch of the Gloucester Public Library. In 1985 , to accomodate Orléans’ growth, the Gloucester Public Library built its first Board-owned library at 1750 Orléans Blvd, its current location.


About READ Rosemount

Rosemount Expansion And Development Group (READ) is advocating for expanding and redeveloping Rosemount Library. Richard Van Loon chairs the committee.

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