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October 28, 2019. READ Rosemount
Chair Josh Nutt recently received the following information from the Ottawa Public Library.

The Rosemount project is proceeding as per schedule. OPL will be posting periodic photos and updates on its website to let the community see the progress. So far, its has been a process of demolition so there isn’t much to show. Most of the interior demolition is complete. As is the case with any old building, there were a few surprises, but everything is proceeding well.

You will note that the tree in the front has been removed. This was a difficult decision; however, it was necessary for the foundation work for the new addition. When the construction is complete, it will be replaced by a Serviceberry tree which is native to Ontario, low maintenance and salt tolerant. It has dramatic seasonal interests with masses of showy white flowers in spring and brilliant yellow to red leaves colour in the fall. The red to purplish-black edible fruit in June will attracts birds. The new tree will be approximately 3m high when planted and will grow to a maximum of 6m high with a spread of 4m. This is an appropriately scaled tree for the planter and the restrictions of the overhead hydro wires nearby.

Photos above courtesy of READ Rosemount Group

The other obvious news is that the sidewalk in front of the library is closed. Closure will remain in effect until the end of October when a new sidewalk will be completed. This is required to install the foundations for the new retaining wall, stairs and ramp. Construction staff are working with the public to help them safely cross the street and are accommodating school children before and after school, to the extent feasible.

Dan Martelock, the artist selected to create a piece of community art for the Children’s space, completed his community engagement over the summer.  He will be working with local children this fall to move the project to the next stage. Elizabeth Sampson, Facilities Planning and Development, Ottawa Public Library

About READ Rosemount

Rosemount Expansion And Development Group (READ) is advocating for expanding and redeveloping Rosemount Library. Richard Van Loon chairs the committee.

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