Meetings between READ and Other Individuals and Groups

Date Meeting READ Representatives
June 22/15 With Mayor Jim Watson and OPL
representatives re: Rosemount expansion
R. Van Loon
June 09/15 Hampton-Iona Community Group AGM R. Van Loon
May 27/15 Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association AGM A. Billingsley
May 22/15 Tele-mtg with OPL Chair Tim Tierney, CEO Danielle McDonald and Councillor Jeff Leiper re: proposal to federal government for sesquicentennial infrastructure funds R. Van Loon
May 21/15 With MP Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre) re: orientation to READ R. Van Loon, B. Campbell, E. Addison
May 13/15 With OPL Chair Tim Tierney and CEO Danielle McDonald re: Rosemount expansion R. Van Loon, L. Hoad
Apr 21/15 With Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association Executive (FOPLA) re orientation to READ R. Van Loon, B. Clubb
Mar 31/15 OPL Main Library Consultation on new central library Various READ members
Feb 10/15 Budget Speak-Citizens Budget Forum V. Stam
Feb 10/15 OPL Board Meeting re budget R. Van Loon, P. Dozois
Feb 9/15 Ottawa City-Wide Budget Meeting L. Hoad

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