READ Rosemount is initiating the Book-Knit Project: ROSEMOUNT YARNS to create dozens of knitted books and “I love Rosemount” knitted hearts. These will form part of READ’s advocacy to develop and expand the Rosemount Library in Ottawa. All knitters and would-be knitters are invited to join in the fun. To date more than 175 items have been created.

DEADLINE is March 13, 3 pm. 

Below are links to directions for knitting a book or heart and participating in the project.

How to Knit a Book: a pattern for a large knitted book and a tiny knitted book. You can make the book any size you like and the more experienced knitter the fancier you can make the book. For more information….How to Knit a Book 2

How to Knit a Heart: a pattern for a tiny “I love Rosemount” knitted heart. It’s a bit more complicated but you can make the heart any size you wish. For more information….. How to Knit A Heart2

Other knitting projects in Ottawa.

Questions? Contact project coordinator Valerie Stam

Rosemount Yarns: Installation Day March 13, 2016

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The Health Benefits of Knitting

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The ROSEMOUNT YARNS Gallery: a small sample of the contributions to the project.

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