READ Rosemount: Mandate

READ Mandate
READ is a group of community association representatives and individual residents, mobilizing broad community support to work with the Ottawa Public Library Board to ensure that the Rosemount Library Branch is an expanded, fully functional and up to date facility, centrally located and fully accessible to all community residents.

  • We believe the current Rosemount library location is ideal but that the facilities are not adequate; the building was first built 97 years ago, in 1918 and has not been significantly updated/improved since 1982, 33 years ago.
  • The Rosemount catchment area has grown substantially since that time.
  • The current building, the last Carnegie library in Ottawa, is much beloved by the community but READ’s primary aim is to have a fully functioning and expanded library facility that is a community hub.
  • READ will work tirelessly with the OPL Board and staff and other members of our community until this mandate is fulfilled.

Approved February 2015




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