READ’s Presentation to Kitchissippi Ward Forum Jan 11, 2017

READ Rosemount

Report to Kitchissippi Ward Forum

January 11, 2017


  • READ is a community group working for the pasts two years+ towards a bigger and better Rosemount Library.
    • The group is chaired by Richard Van Loon with vice-chairs Emily Addison, Linda Hoad and Marty Plaine.
  • READ has almost 400 supporters/residents in the group and has the support of all the 10 community associations in the library’s catchment area (and 2 nearby).
  • 40,000 population of the Rosemount catchment area is projected to grow by 20% by 2031.
  • In 2016:
    • Consult: conducted community consultations with assistance from Councillor Jeff Leiper
    • Conclusion: Rosemount has to expand and relocate to be a community hub, a safe community gathering space, a centre for creativity like other community library branches serving similar sized populations.
    • Decision: The OPL listened and put plans for renovation of current facility on hold while it conducts a business case for relocation; this was approved by Council in the 2017 budget.
  • Why more space? So Rosemount can become a fully modern branch equal to other OPL branches serving similar sized populations in Ottawa.

    Rosemount has the highest circulation per square foot of ANY Ottawa Public Library branch; this is not a good statistic-means Rosemount is very For instance,

Item Rosemount Similar branches (Alta Vista, Carlingwood, St-Laurent)
Size 6, 089 SF 13,500 SF  to 20,000 SF
Bookable meeting rooms for public None 1 or 2 holding between 40-60 people
Seating 17 Minimum of 85
Teen section None In all other branches of similar size area


  • Next READ meeting: Monday, January 1, 2017, 7-9 pm, Hintonburg Community Centre
  • Join us – visit the READ website and subscribe to the READ blog:

READ Rosemount