Comparing Rosemount Library with other OPL Branches, December 2017

READ Rosemount has said many times that Rosemount is a very busy branch. We’ve said many times that Rosemount is over crowded. And we’ve said many times that due to its size, Rosemount cannot provide the same great services available in other comparable OPL branches. Our volunteers have worked tirelessly to document the case for an expanded Rosemount primarily using the OPL’s own data. Now that data is available in a convenient and easy to read document.
Take a look at how Rosemount compares to six other branches serving similarly sized populations. We think that you will agree that our community deserves an expanded Rosemount.                                                                                                                                             Josh Nutt, Chair READ Rosemount

Click here for:   Rosemount CompStats (8) March 2018

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“Researchers from Heinrich Heine University have ranked Canada as having the best public libraries among  30 major cities studied: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver ranked in the top 10”.
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Some new branch libraries in Canada
In 2013, Rosemount users had their say on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the building of the branch in 1918.
Andrew Carnegie Plaque 2 Dec 2015


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